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Souvenir du Jardin

This collection of paintings is inspired by a trip to Morocco in January. Remembering the feeling of the sun on your face after months of coats and grey skies, and bonds created while attempting to navigate an unfamiliar place.

Jardin Majorelle and Le Jardin Secret provided sanctuary – two oases nestled within the hustle and bustle of Marrakech. These paintings are an exploration and celebration of the gorgeous colour combinations, the architecture and richness of planting that create their sense of place. They honour moments of connection to nature and an escape from the everyday busyness of life.


If we travel to feel wonder, these paintings are the souvenir – a slice of paradise to transport you while you drink your morning coffee. A reminder of the beauty in the world if you slow down enough to see it.

Mini mixed media originals: acrylic, embroidery and collage on unstretched canvas


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Local buyers (Surrey & Berkshire) can choose free delivery – select ‘Delivery to Surrey Area’ at checkout.

Large paintings for International delivery require an individual approach as some paintings need to be crated and this is a bespoke service. If shipping costs are significantly higher than the amount shown at checkout I will contact you and there may be an additional amount to pay. If this is not acceptable your purchase will be refunded in full. Please send me an email at if you would like me to check in advance.

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