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Annabel Hocking is an emerging abstract landscape painter, drawn to the colours and forms of subtropical gardens.

Trained in architecture, sense of place is important in her work and each piece is deeply tied up in memory - memories of places she’s been, and days spent with loved ones in nature. Her paintings celebrate time spent soaking up the small moments present in every leaf, petal, ripple of the ocean, flick of a koi’s tail. 

Back in the studio, she remembers the moments onto canvas in energetic brushstrokes. She layers acrylic paint, splattering, dripping and blocking shapes in, creating and discovering unexpected moments in vivid colour. She then layers oil pastel, collage and embroidery to create textural and vibrant pieces that express an abstracted experience of the landscape.

At its heart her work is rooted in nature, and her pieces invite us to slow down, take a breath and soak it all in.

"I absolutely love my painting, I can't stop looking at it."

- Diana

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