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Garden of Abundance: Exhibition at Trebah Gardens opening 19th November 2022

From 19th to 30th November 2022, I will be exhibiting at the place that has inspired my recent and upcoming work, Trebah Gardens.

Located on the Helford River in Cornwall, this is a garden that holds so many memories, old and new, that have influenced this new collection of paintings that I will be exhibiting. Memories of childhood days at Trebah: adventuring through jungles of bamboo and gunnera, swimming in the ocean, eating pasties under the shade of tree ferns.

As part of my process of remembering, I revisit those memories, spending time in the gardens, soaking up and recording the abundance of colours, shapes and textures. Feeling nature’s divine life force.

You are invited to escape the noise and scarcity, slow down, marvel at the abundance of nature, breathe in the moment.

Entry to the exhibition is free and I highly recommend a walk in the beautiful gardens and a dip in the river at the bottom if you're feeling brave!

I will also be running two workshops during the exhibition. More information can be found here.

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